“Anadrol” Oxymetholone 50mg/tab


Anadrol is a very powerful drug that was developed to help combat Anemia. It was created by a company called Syntex. Anadrol is commonly referred to by athletes as A-bombs. Since its early days, it has been prescribed to help treat a number of conditions where weight loss is a concern. It is a compound which is used to help promote weight gain, increase the appetite, and gaining strength. It is a DHT-Derived Compound, and has been formulated to be used as an oral tablet.

Distribution and Dosing:

Volume of distribution is 50 – 150mg per day. Anadrol is administered in Oral Tablets.

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How is this Product Used?

Anadrol is used to help users gain weight and increase their appetite in order to put on mass and size. It has been used by anemia patients as well and increases red blood cell count. This drug is commonly ran as a cycle for 4 to 6 weeks by bodybuilders who want very quick and dramatic results. This Steroid packs a punch. Users will have no problem gaining a lot of weight. Anadrol is made to make its users feel bigger and stronger than just on other steroid compounds alone. For a full muscular look, a lot of people stack this with Dianabol, and Trenbolone Acetate, to get amazing results. Users will find that they have a noticeable increase in their strength and power.

Volume of distribution is 50mg – 150mg per day.

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Positive and Negative Side Effects

Anadrol is a well tolerated drug by many healthy adult males. There are however some manageable side effects, and if a Post cycle treatment is done, it will help minimize the side effects, and reverse them once the cycle is done. Because Anadrol is derived from DHT, it does not convert to estrogen, but it does interfere with estrogen metabolism. You can help combat the side effects by taking Arimidex or Nolvadex when on Anadrol.

 Positive Side Effects

  •  Rapid gain in weight
  •  Increased appetite
  •  Lift heavier weights without feeling too much strain on the joints
  •  Elevated blood cell count
  •  Short cycle time
  •  Quick results

 Negative Side Effects

  •  Headaches
  •  Hard on liver
  •  Can promote water retention
  •  Elevated blood pressure
  •  Nausea

 Product Disclaimer

We always suggest to do your own research before making a decision on which formulas are best for you. Listening to others may put you in danger, and we always recommend for newcomers to make themselves informed of all the benefits, and side effects.

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