“Tren-A” Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml


Trenbolone Acetate is one of the most effective anabolic steroids on the market today. It is without question a very powerful injectable steroid. The formula is very similar to that of Nandrolone in its composition, however Trenbolone is an excellent choice for gaining mass hardening the muscles. This formula will increase the amount of muscle definition rapidly and effectively. Tren A has a high anabolic score of a shocking 100! Tren increases the level of IGF-1 Hormone within the muscle, as well as causes the muscle satellite cells to be more sensitive to this hormone. The DNA content in the muscles cells may increase as a result of use. It increases nitrogen retention in muscles, which encourages mass building effects.

Distribution and Dosing:

Volume of distribution is 50 – 100mg a day. Should you find yourself getting easily aggravated you will want to reduce the volume you are injecting and inject daily to keep levels steady. Injections are done intramuscular, and it is recommended to inject daily or every other day.

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How is this Product Used?

Trenbolone Acetate is used in the bodybuilding community for gaining massive amounts of hard muscle, vascular definition and over all growth. Users who choose to use this formula choose it for its powerful effects. It is known to be 5 times more powerful than testosterone, without the water retention. Bodybuilders use to to appear leaner, but with lots of mass. Users will find that they gain lots of hard muscle mass. The veins will become “full” and defined. When using Trenbolone, users will find that they can gain mass even without consuming a very large diet.

Injections are done Intramuscular and it is recommended to inject daily or every other day.

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Positive and Negative Side Effects

The most common negative side effect of Trenbolone Acetate is aggressive tendencies. Users sometimes find themselves getting easily triggered, and become angry. We recommend that users pair this with a testosterone product, and a post cycle treatment product to reduce side effects.When finishing the cycle of 12 weeks (minimum), it is suggested to start your post cycle treatment. You can Stack HCG with Clomid for PCT. HCG Can be taken during the cycle as well to maximize its effects.

 Positive Side Effects

  •  Increase in lean muscle mass
  •  Vascular definition
  •  Powerful effects on growth
  •  Increased libido

 Negative Side Effects

  •  Natural testosterone levels may drop
  •  Enlarged prostate
  •  Tren cough following injection
  •  Stamina levels may decrease

 Product Disclaimer

We always suggest to do your own research before making a decision on which formulas are best for you. Listening to others may put you in danger, and we always recommend for newcomers to make themselves informed of all the benefits, and side effects.

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