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The Sleep Aid Gummies from Evexis are your key to unlocking peaceful, restorative sleep. These delicious gummies, crafted with organic ingredients, trusted extracts and natural flavouring, are your ultimate companions for a tranquil night’s rest. Scientifically designed to relax your mind and promote healthy sleep patterns, these Sleep Aid Gummies are here to help you wake up refreshed and revitalized every morning.

Distribution and Dosing:

Our recommended dosage for this product is 2-3 gummies daily approximately 60 minutes prior to sleep. However, suggested dosing depends on the body type of the user.

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How is this Product Used?

Picture drifting into slumber effortlessly, feeling stress melt away, and waking up rejuvenated – all made possible with Evexis’ expertly crafted sleep aid formula.

With Evexis’s Sleep Aid Gummies, you can expect large boosts in sleep quality and overall optimal recovery. Their carefully crafted formula includes melatonin to regulate sleep patterns, L-Theanine for relaxation, Chamomile Extract to reduce anxiety, and much more below. This combination promotes faster sleep onset, improved sleep quality, and a more serene sleep experience.

Health Benefits and Ingredients

At BioMed, we are committed to providing supplements that deliver the best possible health benefits. Our complete transparency extends to our benefit and ingredient labels, allowing you to make informed choices with confidence.

 Health Benefits

  •  Improved Sleep
  •  Elevated Recovery
  •  Decreased Cortisol
  •  Reduced Stress

 Transparent Ingredient Label

  • Melatonin (3g)
  •  Zinc Citrate (2mg)
  •  Magnesium Citrate (40mg)
  •  Pectin
  •  Natural Flavour
  • L-Theanine (100mg)
  •  Passionflower (200mg)
  •  Chamomile (100mg)
  •  Erythritol
  •  Maltitol Syrup

 Product Disclaimer

This supplement allows users to recover effectively and wake up feeling fresher, allowing for a better quality of day-to-day life; however, always remember to consult a healthcare professional before incorporating any new supplement into your routine.

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